Hey, I’m Danette.

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my virtual hang out spot. I’m a 20-something living in the Midwest who wears scrubs by day and heels by night. Sound familiar?! I thought so which is why I started this blog you’re still reading. (Thanks for that, btw). Soul Purpose offers ladies like you a glimpse into a young woman’s chaotic life: Tinder dates, professional medical career and all. It’s my Soul’s Purpose to share how I conquer daily chaos through fashion choices, yummy recipes for a gluten-free, dairy-free diet and lessons learned from Tinder dates gone wrong. You can expect hilarious stories, helpful tips and bluntly honest reviews in my style and lifestyle blog. This is the prime of our lives and we spend a majority of it trying to put out little chaotic happenings all around us. When you’re focused on making it all work what do you neglect?

Your soul.

Your heart.

Your mind.

Your spirit.


Girl, I’m figuring it out just like you. I don’t promise to have all the answers but I do promise to share 100% transparent and authentic truths. And for you few guys following along, maybe just maybe you’ll be able to figure out how to better understand your girlfriend. Subscribe to my blog and I’ll talk to you soon!