Holy Saturday

Or as I refer to it as, Somber Saturday.

I would have wrote this earlier but today is meant for silence. You are supposed to spend this day in a solemn, sad, somber state. As Jesus has just died on the cross and been laid in the tomb.

His followers, believers, friends, family, all had no idea of what was to come tomorrow. They felt a very deep and heavy loss. They were confused. And I’m sure very lost at how this could have happened.

For me it is hard to feel that exact feeling or try to relate to that as I already know the outcome. But I tried to grow in my religion a little more today and to try and think differently than previous years.

Today I spend most of my day searching for a silence. Searching for slowing down and feeling the sad and sorrowful feeling of what his followers then must have felt. I should feel that same way today as well.

It was hard.

Hard for me to find silence. Or honestly to sit in silence. I am always busy and on the go. Running errands, getting groceries, picking up projects to complete. Saturday’s are busy for me in the sense so that on Sunday I can rest. So usually I spend my Saturday’s running around

With the current world state or pandemic we are facing being at home is one way to force you into silence. But I tried to change that mindset and look at it as an opportunity or a chance for God to slow me down.

Today I really did try to focus on slowing down and finding that. I’m not sure I succeeded.

But my walk that I went on today, I walked an extra mile more than I usually do. I listened to his word. I prayed. I focused on God.

Although I did not find complete silence today. I did try to find God more than I usually do on Easter Saturday. I hope you all found time to do that today as well.

This time we are all living in might be new, might be a challenge and hard to understand. But this time thousands and thousands of years ago Jesus’s friends all were experiencing this same feeling.

Tonight, let what your feeling exist. Acknowledge it. Feel it. Journal about it. Think about it deeply. Take it all in.

And pray. Pray to God to help you through this. Pray to God and thank him for giving us his only son. Thank him for giving us the greatest miracle to date.

Be grateful.

Be thankful.

And know that when tomorrow comes. When we wake up. God is going to show us a miracle. We may not know exactly what that miracle is. But he is going to provide.


Good Friday.

Have y’all ever pondered on the thought of why in the world we would ever call it Good Friday?

How is it Good? Jesus Christ was crucified today. On the cross for our sins. How am I to sit in silence and solitude today knowing he was put on the cross for me, for you, for all of us.

Luckily for all of us today we know that He will rise in three days. But back then his people, his followers, his friends- none of them knew.

For those of you who are dealing with death in your life right now. I hope you are finding the peace you are needing. This Holy Week is full of grieving and then it is celebration. A time to rejoice.

I know it is hard to deal with loss in our lives but God has a purpose. God has a greater plan. We may not know what it is today or next month but he will reveal it in time. He will provide you grace, peace, guidance, and love. God’s love is unconditional we just have to show up and believe.

Holy Week and Easter are a perfect time to realize that with loss. God brings greater things. He provides a greater joy and the deep grief we experience. He always provides more and better than the sadness and grief that we have to go through.

Find joy in that today.

Easter is such an amazing time for me. I love every bit of Holy Week. Yes including each day we are called to go to Mass, to sit in silence for hours and search for God. To simply show up.

I love Good Friday just as much as the other days, even though it does bring sorrow. Just because every year it brings me back to ponder- God really gave us everything he had. He sacrificed his only son for me. For you. That is just crazy.

Sometimes I may not feel good enough, I may not feel like I know who I am completely but Holy Week always pops me out of that mindset. God gave his all, his one and only son to show that I am worth it. My sins are forgiven. And that he will always love me.

In the light of the current times know that God is good. He is always good. All the time.

Remember He is always the same, yesterday, today, and forever.

He will never leave you.

Today I hope you all take time for silence. For prayer and reflection. I hope you are still searching for the “normal” in everyday and asking God to show you what that may look like in each new day.

Have a blessed Good Friday.