Can you pray with me?

I truly believe God places you right where you need to be, at the right time. He has you in places where you will see the things he needs you to see. He has you in places where you hear what he wants you to hear.

He has you hit every stop light in town, even when you’re late just for you to slow down.

You miss a big car accident by 30 minutes.

You barely miss a deer running into the road, by a split second.

You get out of work late to see that perfect sunset you may have missed otherwise.

All things happen because of our God, Your God, my God.

Isn’t it amazing. God is an almighty power that is beyond any earthly thing.

Okay, so Holy Thursday. Kind of a big deal right,It was Jesus’s last supper. The agony, the anticipation, the confusion of that night. Overall,it is such a large important part in the gospel.

And for everyone participating  this Lenten season, we know we are close to the end. The big event, Jesus’s death and resurrection.

So yesterday, I went about my daily routine and made my way to Holy Thursday mass, which was at 7pm. Normally I am home, preparing for the next work day and winding down for bed. But during Lent, I have chose to make time for God. Mornings I didn’t want to get up for mass, I made myself get up and make it early mass instead of waiting for the later evening one.

This Lent I focused more on Him, instead of myself.

However, I was awfully tired, as this week has been draining. I would have rather stayed home and went to sleep early but, remembering the importance of Holy Thursday I sat back and thought did Jesus get to go to bed early.

As I’m sitting in the pew, praying and waiting for mass to start. The family behind me was trying to settle in their children. There was an adorable curly-headed little girl, probably about 2 or 3 years old, playing with her mom’s car keys and asking her “how she starts the car.”

Her mother trying different ways to quiet her down asks her “can you pray with me?”

The little girl, makes a big *sigh* goes “um no, sorry, I am doing other things”

Wow. Just re read that real quick.

“can you pray with me?”

*sigh* “um no, sorry, I am doing other things” 

That question from the mother and the answer from a little 2 year old girl, just really took me back.

Not only back to the story in the gospel of Jesus asking the disciples to stay with him and pray. (Matthew 26:40-41)

But to my own life, where I can imagine God is constantly seeking me to stop. Stop and pray with him. To take time to pray in general. Asking me like that mother did, “can you pray with me”

It really shook me up honestly. How many times has God asked me to stop, stop and pray with him. How many times have I denied the invitation. A personal invitation to stop, sit, and reflect with the Lord.

Although this Lent I really tried hard to focus more on God. There were times where I was still selfish. Still chose sleep or social media over saying a prayer or reading my devotional.

Isn’t it funny how God will help you reflect, simply by having you hear something, something so little. Hearing that really made me sit down and reflect on this Lent season. How even when I try my hardest to focus on him, he still wants more. And when we think him asking for more is such a hard task, he is only asking for you to stop for moment and give it all to him.

So I urge you all, reflect deeply these next few Holy days. The three we have left, sit and think of all you have given to God and everything you still have to give. What more can you give to him, and what can you do less of that will free up more time for you to give towards praying for example.

Stop and smell the roses. Stop and enjoy the sunsets. Stop and pray with God, listen for him. Listen when he asks you “can you pray with me?” God is always asking something from you, maybe we should just give him that moment of our time.

I hope y’all have a blessed Holy Week, and a lovely Easter! May the Lord be present with you and your family, and I hope you all stop and pray with him.


41 days in.

Well…. I feel like every year it seriously feels like January is the longest month ever. Like how does 31 days seem to last four months? But now we are 10 days into February and it finally actually feels like 2019 is beginning. Alot has happened in the month of January and honestly, I think my change in habits has alot to do with it.

For the start of 2019 I wanted to really start focusing more on God’s plans for me, rather than creating my own plan. Because trust me when you start planning your own life, it gets pretty frustrating when things are not going the direction you want them to. Turns out, if you would just hand over everything to God, things will magically fall into place. Seems pretty easy to do, but it has taken me a long time to give all my worry to God and let him handle things.
My plans for 2019 I wanted to really grow in God, get back to my faith, stand firm in the roots I was raised, and also give my time to God and not “find time for God”

January 1st, I began looking up bible verses and posting one every day.I usually go to Pinterest, search and scroll through the “bible verses” and the one that pops out to me, look up the verse maybe read a couple verses before and after and then I post, I usually post it to my Facebook and Instagram story. Now I know that seems silly and I know what some of you are thinking, why do I take time to scroll through Pinterest to “find one that grabs my attention” instead of just using the daily verse I get from my bible app? Well personally, I really believe God provides what you need for each day. I also firmly believe that God leads me to certain people, signs, jobs, etc. so that I may get to where I am going. So I choose to search for the verse that “finds me” because this is a way for me to come closer with God, by allowing him to show me verses daily.

For some with little to no knowledge of faith, this may be hard to understand or seem confusing. But pretty much every day, one verse sticks out more than another. I will click on the first one that stands out and then I usually will scroll through a few more But I always end up going back to the one I found first, it never fails. For others, I know this is really not that hard, to “look up” a bible verse and read it, and then post for the whole world to see, some may thinks its a way of “flaunting” my religion. I really am doing it for my own benefit and growth with the Lord and in hopes of maybe the verse he shows me that day, will reach someone in need of some uplifting. Overall all I would say it has really helped me take time out of my day to read a verse from the bible, and to intentionally set aside time to focus on the Lord.

“My growth and relationship with God over the last month has flourished.”

Which leads me to my progress… My growth and relationship with God over the last month has flourished. Not only am I becoming more trusting with the Lord but my life is showing it in so many ways. Taking time every day to read a verse from the bible, to pray, to be present in waking up each day allows me to find the joys in life. I have always been committed to going to church on Sunday, but not until not have I committed to giving time to God every day. And if I am being honest, he should have been getting my undivided attention a long time ago. The reality is without him, I would not wake up every day, so who am I to not give my time back to him. These last 41 days have been overflowing with new opportunities, finding happiness again, and connecting with my purpose.

I have since gotten back into my career by starting a new job. I have a boyfriend who makes me a better me, helps me stay focused on my dreams and goals. Things really do feel like they are just falling into place, and this may seem weird but waking up every day is just so much easier, when you aren’t “fighting with life.” I honestly feel like I am so surround by love these days, God is just showing me more and more that the people in my life are truly amazing. And God never seizes to amaze me with his timing.

So yes I am 41 days into 2019, with a positive mindset, life seems to be going really well and my relationship with God is amazing. I plan to keep giving time to God daily and hopefully by taking time to give him time, my posts will reach others who need that influence from God as well.

Thanks for reading and sorry for being MIA, more to come!


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Something more

Another Sunday, another start to a new week.


Something about Sunday’s for me are just lazy. But it’s always a good day for me to try and get organized for the week. I also love to just lay around all day until I am forced to be productive. This last week I had a lot  on my mind. I love traveling and I always want to be on the go. However, money is the one thing limiting my “lavious lifestyle” I wish and dream of  living. But, it doesn’t stop me from dreaming up my next trip. *currently on the list, Seattle*


Okay, so this week I am really trying to focus on living in my moment, and my life.

Sometimes we are so focused on the outside world we forget to live our own life. We see so much of everyone else’s lives that we forget we have our own. Social media has easily changed the way we see the world. You log on and see how celebrities are out blowing money and taking trips and you want that, you dream of that. It’s easy to get lost in what you don’t have instead of enjoying what you do have. It’s even easier to compare what your life to someone else’s, you feel like you’re missing out on something more, when really you have enough. God has given you everything you need for the time being. God has provided just enough for what he is wanting you to do. God provides what needs to be provided, when it is needed.

For me this week, I am trying to live in the moment with what he has provided. I may not be able to leave the house and take a week off of work to go to Seattle whenever I want. BUT I do have the luxury of going to work, and saving money, and planning my trip to Seattle. I have realized yes, it sucks to have to wait to travel when I have the money, it’s also smart LOL. It is easy to want instant gratification, but I think a little hard work is good for everybody. Good for the soul.

It’s important to really consider “The grass is always greener on the other side” BUT it’s because “the grass is greener where it is watered” Its easy to stare through the fence, or look at pictures and wish that was your yard or your life. When you could easily be tending to your yard, making it green. You can always tend to your life, put money away, save for the trip or the car of your dreams. And then you can make your dream come true, just later down the road. So this week I am praying for patience and  praying for serenity.


Sorry I was late with my Sunday devotion. LOL :/ I’ll get better at this weekly thing.


Have a lovely week, y’all. XOXO



I want to start sharing some of my devotions and thoughts. Usually I take time to write, and explore the depths of my mind and religion on Sunday’s.


I find myself in a state, where I forget to pray or forget to devote time out of my day to The Lord. As if God isn’t the one who gives me the ability to see each new day.  The Lord never forgets about me or my needs, regardless if I devote the necessary time to him or not. That is so unfair to him, especially on my part. So selfish of me to not give God what I ask of him to give me. God is so forgiving and laid back because honestly how many of us put God last, when he continually puts us first?? And then when we need him in dire times, we run back and ask, ask, ask. Don’t get me wrong I am just as guilty. My everyday life continues to come first. I always find myself running around doing errands, waking up getting ready, checking my phone for texts from people, looking at twitter, all this un-important things. And not taking ONE MINUTE, to pray, to say thank you for waking up and allowing the opportunities he provides for me each day. I act like I am in too much of a hurry, that I can’t take one minute to pray and thank God for all my blessings. In reality, I should be waking up and rolling out of bed a minute early JUST to find time for God. God always makes time to listen, but I can’t seem to find one minute to give to him?

For me, devoting time to God daily is super important, but I can’t seem to place time in my “busy life” for him. This is something I have been working on and continuing to work on. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying in anyway that if you don’t pray daily or go to church, that God isn’t looking out for you. He most definitely is! BUT he is also looking for ways to bring you back to him. To make sure you realize the path always leads to him. He wants your focus to be on him and not other earthly things. God’s got you, don’t forget that. But when you stray from him, he longs for you to return. We ask God to give us all this: money, success, happiness, a man, a family, whatever it may be. BUT what are we giving to God in order for him to give us what we want??

Maybe we need to focus a little more on spending time and giving our attention to God than giving all our attention to people, or things on this earth. Maybe if we start to devote our lives to him, than he will bless us beyond our expectations. And if we  choose put all our trust and faith in him, then we have nothing to worry about. Sometimes a little more God is all we really need.


Have a blessed Sunday y’all!