Something more

Another Sunday, another start to a new week.


Something about Sunday’s for me are just lazy. But it’s always a good day for me to try and get organized for the week. I also love to just lay around all day until I am forced to be productive. This last week I had a lot  on my mind. I love traveling and I always want to be on the go. However, money is the one thing limiting my “lavious lifestyle” I wish and dream of  living. But, it doesn’t stop me from dreaming up my next trip. *currently on the list, Seattle*


Okay, so this week I am really trying to focus on living in my moment, and my life.

Sometimes we are so focused on the outside world we forget to live our own life. We see so much of everyone else’s lives that we forget we have our own. Social media has easily changed the way we see the world. You log on and see how celebrities are out blowing money and taking trips and you want that, you dream of that. It’s easy to get lost in what you don’t have instead of enjoying what you do have. It’s even easier to compare what your life to someone else’s, you feel like you’re missing out on something more, when really you have enough. God has given you everything you need for the time being. God has provided just enough for what he is wanting you to do. God provides what needs to be provided, when it is needed.

For me this week, I am trying to live in the moment with what he has provided. I may not be able to leave the house and take a week off of work to go to Seattle whenever I want. BUT I do have the luxury of going to work, and saving money, and planning my trip to Seattle. I have realized yes, it sucks to have to wait to travel when I have the money, it’s also smart LOL. It is easy to want instant gratification, but I think a little hard work is good for everybody. Good for the soul.

It’s important to really consider “The grass is always greener on the other side” BUT it’s because “the grass is greener where it is watered” Its easy to stare through the fence, or look at pictures and wish that was your yard or your life. When you could easily be tending to your yard, making it green. You can always tend to your life, put money away, save for the trip or the car of your dreams. And then you can make your dream come true, just later down the road. So this week I am praying for patience and  praying for serenity.


Sorry I was late with my Sunday devotion. LOL :/ I’ll get better at this weekly thing.


Have a lovely week, y’all. XOXO

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