I want to start sharing some of my devotions and thoughts. Usually I take time to write, and explore the depths of my mind and religion on Sunday’s.


I find myself in a state, where I forget to pray or forget to devote time out of my day to The Lord. As if God isn’t the one who gives me the ability to see each new day.  The Lord never forgets about me or my needs, regardless if I devote the necessary time to him or not. That is so unfair to him, especially on my part. So selfish of me to not give God what I ask of him to give me. God is so forgiving and laid back because honestly how many of us put God last, when he continually puts us first?? And then when we need him in dire times, we run back and ask, ask, ask. Don’t get me wrong I am just as guilty. My everyday life continues to come first. I always find myself running around doing errands, waking up getting ready, checking my phone for texts from people, looking at twitter, all this un-important things. And not taking ONE MINUTE, to pray, to say thank you for waking up and allowing the opportunities he provides for me each day. I act like I am in too much of a hurry, that I can’t take one minute to pray and thank God for all my blessings. In reality, I should be waking up and rolling out of bed a minute early JUST to find time for God. God always makes time to listen, but I can’t seem to find one minute to give to him?

For me, devoting time to God daily is super important, but I can’t seem to place time in my “busy life” for him. This is something I have been working on and continuing to work on. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying in anyway that if you don’t pray daily or go to church, that God isn’t looking out for you. He most definitely is! BUT he is also looking for ways to bring you back to him. To make sure you realize the path always leads to him. He wants your focus to be on him and not other earthly things. God’s got you, don’t forget that. But when you stray from him, he longs for you to return. We ask God to give us all this: money, success, happiness, a man, a family, whatever it may be. BUT what are we giving to God in order for him to give us what we want??

Maybe we need to focus a little more on spending time and giving our attention to God than giving all our attention to people, or things on this earth. Maybe if we start to devote our lives to him, than he will bless us beyond our expectations. And if we  choose put all our trust and faith in him, then we have nothing to worry about. Sometimes a little more God is all we really need.


Have a blessed Sunday y’all!



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