Sorry for the…. Delay

Hello Lovely’s

I know I’ve been neglecting you all and my joy of writing for that matter. But toooo much has been going on I couldn’t find five minutes to sit down and write.

Your girl went ahead and bossed up. Found a job working in an Ortho Clinic that I love. Seriously have been enjoying every minute of it, including dressing myself in business cas like everyday. And I had to go ahead and get my certification in Mammography. You know so I can go ahead and save the tatas! So I’ve been MIA adapting to all the new environment and studying my ass off for my boards.


Meanwhile…… all my other life has not slowed down what so ever. So just wanted to give y’all a little update on my life and a new story will be coming your way. Because apparently the devil and men never rest a day in their life. They are always out trying to ruin somebody’s life.

With that being said, Stay tuned. Promise it will be out for y’all to read soon. 🙂

For now, enjoy The Chaos of your own lives. XOXO.

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