Chap-stick you’ll never lose!

Okay now that you’re here let’s clear some things up.

This blog is going to give you new tricks to avoid losing your chap-stick. Because let’s be honest, when you have that ONE favorite chap-stick you lose it within five times of using it and that’s like uber depressing. However *disclaimer* I am not giving you tips that will stop you from losing your chap-stick EVER again cause that is completely up to you, BUT I have lots of helpful ideas and tips that will trick your brain into remembering where your chap-stick is.

Let’s start.

1. The Big Secret

That ONE favorite chap-stick, You know the one that you love how it makes your lips feel, the perfect scent, maybe even a nice flavor to it, yeah that one! Well why do you only buy one?  If you buy it and then discover that this one indeed is the well you obviously need more! So Step two is go back to the store buy two, three, shoot even ten more. Because why not? The trick is to have one for every place you travel; one for your purse, one in your car, one in your bedroom, one in your bathroom vanity, one for your job,  one that can travel with you in your pockets if you like.  The reality is you hardly ever “lose” your chap-stick because you have five of them AND it’s like the reverse psychology prevents you from ever losing one.

**I have yet to lose one since I bought five more, but let me know how my theory stands up for y’all**

2. Less is more, is it really?

Okay, so in your closet yeah less is more. Actually alot of things in life are less is more. However with Chap-stick this is not the case. You can NEVER have too many chap-sticks especially if you found one  you love.  DON’T BUY ONE, BUY IN BULK.

3. Finding the one you LOVE.

So I have a few things I search for in a chap-stick kinda like my men. haha joking – or am I. Personally I love ones that are in super easy accessible tubes, make my lips feel super soft, even if it doesn’t moisturize well. And sometimes I like the cuteness of the tube, however, I usually want an ideal tube. Like ones that are small enough to fit in your pocket or wallet – easy, small tubes.

Although the “EOS” eggs are wonderful chap-sticks, they aren’t ideal. I can’t fit that egg in my pocket and once you’ve ran out of the the round part, do you know how hard it is to use the rest of the tube. *depressing*

And don’t get me started on all the chap-sticks that melt easily. But all in all, it is up to you to find just what one you love, and then how many extras you want to buy.

If you are looking for more of a scented brand or want a little flavor (for smooching 😉 I do like the “chapstick” brand – they have tons of flavors; cake batter, cherry, strawberry, classic, green tea, sugar cookie, and so on lol. Nivea and Blistex are really good for hydrating and moisturizing. Burt’s Beeswax is another good chapstick with flavor options.

4. My perfect match

Finally I reveal just which chap-stick I have five of. Yes – one in the car, one in my bedroom, one in my purse, one at work, and one in the bathroom. “Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula” It’s not a round tube, it more oval like. Its just what it says cocoa butter, like shea butter lotion on your lips. Heavenly.

I also use the classic, Carmex. I’m not always a huge fan of how greasy they make my lips feel, and the flavor isn’t too appealing to me but they make my lips super moisturized during the winter  months.

5. Seal the Deal

So let the task begin. Find your perfect match, the perfect chap-stick that will make you feel you, and give you the best moisturized lips out there. And WITHOUT, the hassle of losing your favorite chap-stick. Start at Walmart, your favorite grocery store or closest drug store. Go to the aisle with all the chap-sticks, yes there is an aisle, and looking at the ones by the check out will not have the whole selection. You kind of have to be invested and have the time to look because the amount of different chap-sticks there are can be overwhelming. If this is your thing, buy five different ones, test them out and see which one you like best. Or start with one of two and use the whole tubes before you decide or chose to try a different one. Personally I asked a couple of my closest friends which ones they use and which ones they love. I tested a few of theirs ad then tried a few of my own. It  is a trial and error test run but finding that perfect chap-stick will be well worth it.

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