The Chaos in my eyes

Hi everyone,

I started a new blog site. SO I will slowly be transferring over all my blog posts about my detox.

My blog is going to be everything and anything. I will be detailing my detox and how slowly and surely I hope to get rid of my migraines. And along the way I hope to find other things to blog about going on in my daily life.

Currently I will also blog about Religion, my journey through this Lent season, religious books I have read and loved- will do reviews and what I learned about myself through reading. Photography is also a small hobby of mine, I will share a few of my favorite photos taken here and there. I plan to do other reviews over other books, movies, wines, stores and outfits -just about anything I feel like expressing myself through writing. And lastly I will do other random posts about Valentine’s day, thoughts on conversations I’ve had and all the good stuff.


Thanks for coming along my journey in the Chaos.


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