Well Well..

I have officially finished my 14 day detox. I finished on February 13th.
As if i wasn’t dramatic enough, I would say that was the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do. Like actually give up all sweet, and bread, PIZZA, cookies, chocolate, cheese, milk, eggs. Like some of those things seem minor but when you’ve had them all your life its like your body knows to crave them. I am literally starving myself right now as I’m typing this. Like Valentine’s day was so so hard because there is chocolate everywhere. Our work bought us donuts and couldn’t have them, There was a box of chocolates in the staff lounge and nope couldn’t have that either…. LIKE
But good News is I saw my Doc on the 12th.. He asked how I was and what all I had concerned with… AND let me tell you. I had a lot of concerns before I got into his office and then all a sudden I had no idea what my concerns were.
To begin. I did go 10 days without a migraine. And currently I have had one migraine since which may have been due to a hangover so… were gonna count that out.
I learned that Brett (my doctor) much easier to just use his name. Brett is really bad at coming up with alternatives. He likes to just cut things out completely. For example I really want chocolate and cookies. He thinks i can probably have butter even though butter has dairy products. So that’s a start he doesn’t want me eating cookies but I can have butter. hmmmm
I really love peanut butter and he suggested using almond butter. But I cant have bread so I’m not sure what I would put the almond butter on. LOL
It is going to be a really slow month.
So far adding in bananas has been okay…they haven’t made me feel terrible but not the best either.
I went out the other night to eat at Texas Roadhouse and started eating peanut… as my brain wasn’t thinking I couldn’t have them. and then BOOM. migraine started. Like within five minutes of eating peanuts I had a migraine.. which sucks because that means I won’t be able to ever have peanuts again. SO SO annoying.

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