Haven’t completely died yet.

Day 9 of 14 day detox :: February 8th, 2018
Although I feel like i have died a slow death without eating any sweets. I miss chocolate and ice cream. That has to be what death is like. — Except maybe God has like endless desserts in heaven so maybe not. LOL

As you all probably noticed I skipped five or so days. *shoulder shrug*

I got bored of typing my everyday blah blah blah and I’m sure all you got just as bored reading it. SO i took a short break and decided to update every so often. I feel close to done but I know I’m not all that close at all.

Anywho, I’ve still been eating all the same bland chicken or beef or pork. Nothing new there. I have been having a shit ton of fruit as per the first four days. Fruit is so boring I swear. BUT I’ve been trying to mix it up a little and make smoothies in the morning or at night, so i can make life a little more exciting.

BREAKING NEWS……. the shakes and pills still taste nasty as ever. Sometimes I don’t drink like the last four ounces of it, but really how much protein am I really missing out on four ounces! LMAO. Oh well.

Yes, if anyone is interested, I am still peeing constantly.. AND it is still extremely annoying.

I haven’t had a migraine since day 4. SO I am holding my breath that, that continues these last five days. It has been such a relief but we will see how it all goes. I am a little nervous to start adding things back into my diet to see which food are triggers and which aren’t. But I am also really excited that I will atleast get to try things again that I’ve been missing. Like PIZZA, ICE CREAM, WINE.

But honestly he will probably let me add small things back in like bananas, or coffee, or something. Which honestly I would be totally fine with adding back in coffee cause man I miss coffee in the morning.


And a little secret….. I gave in and ate a cookie. Cause lets be honest one cookie isn’t gonna kill me LOL

Good news for me is, I didn’t get sick. I’ve been told to continue to hold off on things after my two weeks is up because I will get sick and probably throw up from my body not knowing what I’m eating since its been 14+ days since I last had it but. I wanted the stupid cookie and my co worker makes the best Monster cookie with peanut butter and they are just so ooey gooey — Like i couldn’t pass it up. And I don’t even feel a little guilty!


Probably gonna cheat again tonight too cause It’s Wine and Yoga night BUT. Also don’t care because its just one glass of wine. It’s gonna be fine.


I will more than likely update within a few days but no guarantees. lol I don’t want to bore you guys too badly.


Have a lovely day y’all!


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