I’ve stopped dreaming of food.

Day 4 of 14 day detox February 3rd, 2018


My brain is clearly over this. I still get annoyed when I wake up and realize I still can’t eat what I want for breakfast, but never fail… my shake is always there to have my back. Once again the norm now, shake and pills. This morning however I was treated to a massage to help break up my neck and shoulder muscles maybe help to reduce some of my migraines. I am up for trying just about anything at this point.

So I went to the store and wandered around thinking of things i could possibly have. Although I had already looked through the chip aisle. I wanted to look again because to be honest snacking on fruit or carrots is getting really lame and I need something else to grab so I don’t give into chocolate. AND the results are….. I CAN HAVE POPCORN. well not all kinds of popcorn but SmartFood Delight. I can only have the Sea Salt, BUT i love the white cheddar – however as you probably figured I cant have cheese or dairy so.



This was alll I typed out for day 4 and I’m over it so here it is.

LOL just as it is.


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