Just want a normal breakfast.

Day 3 of 14 days of detox

What a lovely time to be alive. I did not prep anymore bacon for my breakfast this morning, so shake and pills it is. My mistake this morning was choosing to not follow the rules and mix my shake with cold water. NEVER will I make that mistake again though because….. imagine that it does not mix well. And let me add drinking chunks of protein mix is quite disgusting and makes you lose your appetite for the day very quickly. BLAH.

I ate some fruit as a snack and had some grape juice to choke down my shake.

Lunch took forever to come, but i enjoyed some bland chicken seasoned with salt and pepper LOL and some more potatoes. pretty much like always my side dishes consist of carrots and fruit, they are like the easiest to pack and are quick to eat. BY this time of the day i had already drank 64 oz of water. After work, i had another migraine… so i took a nap.

Bad news of the day, i caved. I really was craving some french fries…. SO i drove my ass to Chick-fil-a and got some fries and a fruit cup to compensate. *shoulder shrug*

If i could use emojis these blogs would be so much more fun!

The fries aren’t actually a no, since they are potatoes. buttttt I am suppose to stay away from fried foods. So chalk that up as my first loss of these two weeks and we will just move past that little mistake.

So i arrived at my parents house around 830 or so and to my surprise my papa made pizza! Normally i would be Ecstatic and all cause I love when my daddio prepares pizza cause he knows I’m coming home. BUT jokes on me, i can’t eat the pizza this time. So i looked around the kitchen awhile and finally gave up and just drank my lovely shake. And can’t forget the pills to go with it.

By the end of the night I already had another migraine.. I just keep marking down all these lovely migraines that are occurring. And even though its day three it’s already obnoxious that i am doing a detox to help figure out my triggers for my migraines and imagine that…. I am still getting migraines. Trying to stay positive though.

Until next time lovely’s.




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