Reality without Donuts

Day 2 of 14 day detox, February 2nd

You never really realize how bad your habits are until you have to actively stop doing them. LOL especially when you habits consist of eating donuts every day at work, drinking coffee regularly, eating desserts and chocolate of all sorts.

Breakfast as usual was the shake and pills. Pills still taste disgusting but the protein shake is a little better – forgot to mention the shake has to be mixed with room temperature water- so I definitely add ice after I mix it. Once I got to work I had a little later breakfast snack of 3 strips of bacon. Thankfully I can have bacon because its pork, now i don’t foresee myself ever hating bacon for having it tooooo much but I will try my best to not eat it every morning these next fourteen days lol well 12 days now. I also had some more fruit cause, yay, that’s like the only thing I can have so might as well load up on that. If anyone cared, yes I still am peeing every thirty minutes. It has got to a point where it is just obnoxious having to go to the bathroom this much because honestly people at work are going to start thinking I’m pregnant with the amount of times I am peeing. *eye roll* But anyway…. for lunch I brought my steak and potatoes. It was probably about half an 8 ox steak and maybe one russet potato, and then i brought 3 asparagus which don’t heat up well but if i have to eat vegetables that’s just gonna have to do. Once I got home from work I was already starving again so I had the other half a steak and some potatoes and then i cooked some chicken breast seasoned with you guessed it salt and pepper. And cooked some more asparagus. While that was cooking I happened to start reviewing ingredients with the snacks I have in the house. Although I had a pretty good idea most of them probably had dairy or pretty much ANYTHING else I couldn’t have I still looked over it all because let’s be honest i LOVE to snack!

To my luck I did discover a snack! I have a bag of butter puffcorn. Yes the puffcorn that you can bake and caramelize and it is the most delicious dessert ever. (UGH DESSERT, I REALLY WANT SOME DESSERT). anywayssss.. yes the butter puffcorn has pretty much corn stuff and some sunflower oil, well that’s the gist of the ingredients. So i can actually have a snack type dessert that fills my craving, well kind of. I still crave chocolate alot… and I almost gave in and ate some ice cream tonight but I know that I want these 14 days to prove something so I am trying really hard to be strong. And trust me it is HARD.

Once again, I have got a migraine tonight.. And I am starting to get a little frustrated because I have no idea if it is withdrawls or i am just still having migraines.

So i had some grape juice and drank my lovely protein shake, took my pills and off to bed I go.

If anyone is interested I am supposed to drink 1/2oz per my body weight to help continually drain and flush out my system. I have been drinking about 96 oz so far… today I drank about 112oz which is way over the suggested amount BUT i seriously feel so dehydrated I am drawn to drink water.

Waiting for these next 12 days to be overrrrrr.

Hope you all are enjoying, cause I most definitely am not.

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