Say Goodbye to PIZZA.

Day one of my 14 day Paleocleanse detox, January 31st

Woke up and realized that my normal routine for breakfast was no longer a thing. For breakfast you have to drink a protein shake that comes with the detox and 4 pills, big pills I may add. Each pill has a different flavor and none of them taste good, what so ever. I normally eat cereal and milk for breakfast but since I can’t have dairy and I can’t have gluten, cereal is not allowed either. The shake was actually pretty filling for breakfast, but the flavor wasn’t so appetizing. It has a berry flavoring and has some kind of mega beef. That will help keep my protein up during these 14 days. I can only mix it with water so it’s pretty bland. Normally I would have crackers and peanut butter for a midday snack but today I had about 2 cups of grapes and strawberries. Now I love fruit, so I won’t complain tooo much but GIRL let me tell y’all Fruit is NOT filling. Now by around 10 am I had already peed at least twice every hour, and it was getting ridiculous but if your system is flushing then the amount of times you pee is supposed be good. So by 11am I was starving and I didn’t get lunch til about 1 oclock. All my lunch consisted of was a chicken cabbage salad, which was pretty good for dinner the night before but not so good today. I also had more fruit that I brought along to eat-strawberries, apples, and oranges. I have already accepted that I will be eating a lot of fruit these next two weeks. Getting closer to the end of my lovely day at work, I started to get a really bad migraine – the pamphlet that came with my detox did say that I could possibly get headaches the first couple of days due to withdrawls. LOL so that’s nice. And I am STILL peeing every 30 minutes. My migraine lasted about another two hours so by 530pm I was well over dealing with it and I was even starting to get nausea so I decided to take a nap.

Around 645pm I woke up feeling a little better, and had no idea what to make for dinner or what to take for lunch tomorrow. SO my ambitious-self decided to go to the grocery store. Before I went I made a small list so I at least had an idea of what I could buy, and then deal with how I would prepare it as a meal later. GOING TO THE STORE WAS THE WORST DECISION EVER. I wasn’t starving yet but I literally walked down every isle in the store, staring at things. Down the pasta isle, nope can’t have grains….. down the sauce isle, nope can’t have dairy… down the next isle, and next isle.. all “whole grains” this, “whole grains” that. Everything these days are filled with whole grains and magically that is exactly what I CAN’T have. I picked up some potatoes –five mini russet, some romaine, asparagus, carrots, broccoli, avocado, orange juice, sirloin steak strips, frozen corn, and bacon. I even took time to go through the gluten free and organic section in the store. I came across “Daiya” which is gluten free and dairy free and was starting to think things were looking up because they had like mac and cheese and alfredo noodles; then BOOM –they have safflower oil in it. Life was really getting me down, so I checked out and went home.

I got home and had some motivation to cook up some steak and potato packets. I cut the steak into small piece and two russet potatoes and placed them in foil. I seasoned them with salt and pepper and but some butter in the packet along with some olive oil for a little extra flavoring. I literally can season with the bare minimum because it is amazing what seasonings have in them!

Then I cooked up some bacon for breakfast tomorrow and also made some asparagus. I put butter and olive oil in a pan and then cut my asparagus so they would fit in the pan and just let them cook til they were a little tender but still crunchy. Asparagus isn’t too bad when you find a way to cook it how you like. Then for dinner I had my shake again and the pills.

The detox also recommends to help make your detox faster you can bathe in Epsom salt and warm water. So I took a nice 30 minute bath and was ready for bed.

Hoping day two would go a little smoother than today!


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