Getting to Know my background

Just a quick little short update before I begin my blogging on my 14 day detox.

I have had migraine for the last five years. Varying between annoying to intense depending on the day. Some migraines are so bad I just have to lay in the dark til I am able to fall asleep. My migraines started when I began Radiology school and really haven’t stopped since. I first saw a neurologist 3 years ago, which he diagnosed me with stress related migraines and put me on medication. The daily medication eventually reduced my migraines down to weekly and then monthly, versus having them daily.

Blah, blah, blah… I had a lot of health issues here and there since then.

Moving past all that and up to just a few months ago, my migraines have been getting alot worse. I have had a lot of stress lately in my life so that could be a major trigger but I decided to branch out and try something new!

I went to a Functional Medicine doctor, these doctors are meant to look at all factors in the body, ranging from blood, to all the organs and how they all work together versus going to one specific doctor who will focus only on my brain and why I’m having migraines.

SO after seeing him, I went for blood test- I fasted for 15 hours although only 8 was required, I had to fast according to my work schedule. My blood tests ranged from iron, thyroid levels, blood sugar, wbc, all that good stuff. And I also did a food sensitivity panel.

This week I went back to get my results and turns out my liver is actually inflamed and so clogged that it is not filtering properly. My food sensitivities are very aggressive.

So let’s begin:

DAIRY: cheese, milk, eggs.

Beverages: coffee, yeast-brewers (alcohol).

Vegetables: green beans.

Legumes: green peas, lima beans, peanuts, soybeans

Nuts: almond, cashew, chia seed, safflower, sesame, walnut

Fruit: avocado, coconut

GRAINS: barley, bran, gluten, malt, rye, wheat


So obviously grain/gluten and dairy are the biggest one because those are main ones that i love! and eat! I drink milk daily with breakfast and dinner. I I love bread, and PIZZA. I eat cookie dough and cookies on the regular. Lets be honest my diet was pretty much eat what i want and when I want. Every once in a while I would fit in a few healthy meals, that were well rounded and fit all the food groups. But mostly I eat what I want and when I want.

ANYWAY… the Doc said I was going to be put on a 14 day paleocleanse detox.

These 14 days would be no eating all my sensitivities and I have to drink a protein shake and pills in the morning and the shake and pills for dinner. The inbetween meals can be whatever I want as long as I don’t eat all the “CAN’T foods”

The protein shakes have hyrdobeef, which has high protein to help maintain muscle during my detoxification. The pills packet contains Amino-D-Tox and Detox Antiox, these are meant to support the live during phase II liver detoxification.

My plan through this terrible 14 days, as I am imagining them, I plan to blog through my day and what I ate, what I wanted to eat but couldn’t, and just the overall experience.

I am hoping this will help to keep my mind occupied during this long two weeks!

AND overall I do hope that I figure out what is triggering my migraines and hopefully will start to feel better and my body will actually start liking me and not shutting down on me!

Feel free to follow my crazy, dramatic, and funny 2 week journey!

Please comment or leave suggestions if you have any. Thank You guys for following along! Enjoy.


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